The charm of the sea and music, combined with sport attracts an increasingly large audience.
An event for everyone, with moments dedicated to every type of target, from families with children to the youngest up to those who are no longer a kid but still want to have fun and try new sports.
The free trial of numerous disciplines and all the free shows are the great strength of the WINDFESTIVAL.
International races, exhibitions, concerts, dj’s sets and parties
complete a 4-day party event.

9 editions, bigger and better every year.

If you want to help support Windfestival and want to bring your brand closer to the world of sport, here are the proposals you can evaluate.
Advertising coverage will begin at Easter 2021.
In addition to obtaining visibility for your Brand, the invoiced amounts can be 100% deducted.

“Top” proposition:

Your brand will accompany the WINDFESTIVAL brand in each of its uses

  • Depliant
  • posters
  • Manifestos
  • Flyer
  • T-shirt
  • Licra
  • Gadget
  • Video
  • Posters and banners in Andora
  • Sails
  • Jet ski
  • Website
  • Social Network
  • Internal and external scenography
  • Stage
  • Interview area
  • Tnt
  • Dedicated pages in sector magazines and Banners on online networks relating to the target.
    Dedicated area for own stand and possibility to organize collateral initiatives.

“Premium” Proposition:

Solution as “Top” but alongside other brands in a secondary position.

“Technical” Proposition:

Solution as “Top” aimed at companies in the sector alongside other brands in a secondary position.

“Supporter” Proposition:

Insertion of your Logo on the following products:

  • Depliant
  • Flyer
  • Website
  • Social Network